17 May  2018 – The Gold Standard this month certified the 12,000+ UN issued carbon credits (CERs) of the Gigawatt Global Solar Power Programme. This certification acts an independent verification of the positive sustainable development impact the 8.5MW grid connected solar PV power plant is having on Rwanda (https://www.goldstandard.org). In addition to its contribution to climate change mitigation, the project has been proven to increase biodiversity, and the number of employment opportunities in the country, as well as promote technology transfer and increase access to affordable and clean energy services. The certification covers the period between October 2015 and February 2017.

Carbon Africa played the role of carbon credit developer, transaction advisor and CDM loan scheme manager to the programme, in order to secure its UNFCCC and Gold Standard registration and issuance.

More details regarding this development are available at: Gigawatt Global Programme of Activities and Gold Standard Certificate