Carbon Africa prepares project reports and contributes to publications organized by international agencies and institutions, partners and clients. Through knowledge building and results sharing, the company aims to enable environment to climate action and also to facilitate real impact on the ground in Africa.


GET.Invest Market Insights Package 

Client/Partner: Get.Invest 
Project name: Captive Power in Uganda

GET.Invest Market Insight Package 

Client/Partner: GET.Invest
Project name: Mini-grids in Zambia

GET.Invest Market Insight Package

Client/Partner: GET.Invest
Project name: Renewable Energy Applications in the Agricultural Value-Chains in Senegal


GET.Invest Market Insights Package

Client/Partner: GET.Invest
Project name: Stand-Alone Solar Businesses in Zambia 


Financial Modelling Report

Client/Partner: RECP/MoEP 
Project name: Financial Modelling For Kenyan Public Authorities


Kenya Market Assessment for Off-Grid Electrification

Client/Partner: World Bank/IFC 
Project name: Nationwide Demand and Cost Assessment for off-grid electrification in Kenya


EUEI-PDF Kenya 2013 Project Renewable Energy Regulatory Capacity Development -Assessment of a net metering programme in Kenya - Volumes 1 and 2

Client/Partner: European Union Partnership Dialogue Facility, Economic Consulting Associates, Ministry of Energy and Petroleum, Energy Regulatory Commission
Project name: Kenya Renewable Energy Regulatory Development Support


Standardized Baseline Assessment for Rural Off-Grid-Electrification in Sub-Saharan Africa

Client/Partner: UNDP, Climate Focus
Project name: Standardized Baseline Assessment for Rural Electrification in Africa

Analysis of the Carbon Market Landscape in Kenya

Client/Partner:Adam Smith International for CDKN and Government of Kenya
Project name: Standardized Baseline Assessment for Rural Electrification in Africa

Powering Africa through Feed-in Tariffs

Client/Partner: Renewable Energy Ventures LLC, World Future Council, Heinrich Boell Foundation, Friends of the Earth
Project name: Powering Africa through Feed in Tariffs


Technical & Economical Study for the Development of Small Scale Grid Connected Renewable Energy in Kenya

Client/Partner: Economic Consulting Associates, Ministry of Energy, Energy Regulatory Commission and the World Bank
Project name: Technical and Economic Study for Development of Grid-Connected Small Scale Renewable Energy


Sustainable valorisation of organic urban wastes: insights from African case studies

Client/Partner: Wageningen University
Project name: Biogas pilot of the use of urban organic waste in Nairobi

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