All stakeholders are invited to give inputs to the Gold Standard design consultation for the "SimGas Biogas Programme of Activities" (SimGas PoA). The project has achieved successful UN Clean Development Mechanism registration and now seeks additional Gold Standard certification. The SimGas PoA is promoting the use of household level biogas among rural and urban households in Kenya and is being implemented by SimGas IP B.V. Climate Focus B.V. and Carbon Africa are the carbon developers for the programme.
A non-technical summary of the project is available: English: Non technical summary_English version Swahili: Mukhtasari wa mradi wa Simgas_Swahili

Feedback forms for stakeholder comments can be downloaded:
English: Feedback form_English Swahili: Feedback form_Swahili

Kindly send any comments on the feedback forms provided or via email by 15 October 2013 to:
Kevin Kerigu:
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