March 6th 2017 – On 03 March 2017, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) secretariat confirmed the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) registration of the Project Gaia Programme of Activities. The programme’s objective is to displace the use of non-renewable biomass and fossil fuel for cooking in households through the distribution of energy efficient cook stoves powered by ethanol. The initial activity under the programme is being implemented specifically in refugee households in Ethiopia while the second is nationwide.

 The programme is expected to achieve multiple sustainable development benefits beyond those clearly for climate change mitigation. The socio-economic footprint attributable to the programme includes improved reducing indoor air pollution and relate health benefits, technology transfer as well as empowerment of the women. On the environmental front, the programme will reduce the pressure on natural forests for fuel wood and provide trickle down benefits in soil conservation. The numerous and varied impacts secured under this programme has led the developers interest to seek additional registration under the Gold Standard. Further information on the PoA on the CDM webpage can be found here

 Carbon Africa acts as the carbon asset developer and CDM Loan Scheme manager for the PoA. The successful CDM registration of the programme demonstrates Carbon Africa’s commitment to catalysing climate action in Africa.