Nordic Climate Action in the Urban Solid Waste Sector

The side event will be hosted by NEFCO and describe recent Nordic experiences in the solid waste sector of cities in developing countries. Examples will be drawn from current NAMA and CDM projects in Africa and Latin America, and will present lessons learnt for this important emissions growth sector from both market and non-market based instruments.

Carbon Africa will present some experiences and lessons learned about formulating Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions and raising climate finance for integrated waste management in Mozambique.

Nordic Pavilion - 2 December 2015

The Continued Relevance of CDM and Carbon Markets for Africa

The side event will bring together representatives from governments, UNFCCC, CDM project developers and climate advisory firms in Africa to discuss the continued relevance of the CDM in Africa. The side event will stress the opportunities that CDM provides to channel climate finance to Africa. The side event will also discuss what steps are needed in the medium and long-term to reintroduce a clear pricing signal for CERs and to ensure the survival of the CDM.

The side event will be co-hosted by Carbon Africa, Climate Focus and Ecosur Afrique

African Pavilion - 8 December 2015

Public Private Partnership in Support of Early Stage Project Development in the Waste Sector in Mozambique

The side event will present lessons learnt from a publicly supported early stage project development initiative in the waste sector in Mozambique. The initiative emerged from an initial risk-sharing agreement between the Belgian Government and Carbon Africa Limited. The initiative has since resulted in the formation of a national task force on climate finance and sustainable waste management in Mozambique and the establishment of a joint venture company between Carbon Africa Limited and the Mozambican Association for Recycling, which is currently developing and implementing various low carbon waste management projects in Mozambique. The side will show how publicly supported early stage project development and dynamic public private partnership can be successfully applied in support of early stage low carbon project development. The lessons learnt and experiences will be relevant for the discussions on how to structure and finance early stage project preparation facilities in Africa.

The side event will be co-hosted by the Government of Mozambique and the Government of Belgium

African Pavilion - 9 December 2015