Access to climate finance

Increased levels of international public financial resources are expected to be made available for climate change action in developing countries. African countries should quickly position themselves to access such funding and Carbon Africa would be please to assist.

Support formulation of NDCs

The goals and action plans of nationally determined contributions (NDCs) are to be implemented, monitored and updated over reporting periods. Carbon Africa can assist with all phases of the process to ensure climate mitigation outcomes.

Policy development

Carbon Africa can assist clients to screen policies and regulations, identify gaps and advise and craft solutions to support increased uptake of climate-friendly activities either at the national level or in specific sectors such as energy, transport and waste.

Readiness and capacity building

Carbon Africa designs and supports capacity building efforts to enhance in-country readiness for the implementation of the Paris Agreement in the field of MRV, access to climate finance and related topics.



Monitoring, reporting & verification

With flexibility in how countries set targets, plan activities and cooperate for mitigation outcomes, Carbon Africa can provide monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) services at the policy, national, sub-national, programme and project level to ensure accuracy, avoid double counting and realize credible overall mitigation in global emission, in addition to.

Improving reporting structures

Carbon Africa has the understanding and expertise to help improve climate action reporting structures taking into account the complexities of covering different sectors and levels.




Technology assessment/studies

Technology transfer and application is an important part of developing bankable projects. Carbon Africa can help clients to develop and update technology needs assessments, analyze project ideas and address barriers.

Private sector collaboration

Collaboration between the public and private sector will be increasingly necessary to address climate change, especially with regards to the mobilization of financial resources. Carbon Africa has the know-how and experience to advise on, structure and act as the interface between the two sectors to ensure smooth cooperation.

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