Access to climate finance

Are you aware that there are a number of public sources of climate finance that are available to the private sector, such as the Green Climate Fund? While these often have specific procedures to access, the funding can come on very favourable terms to complement your existing resources and de-risk your activities. In some cases a grant or technical assistance component can increase the attractiveness. Please contact us if you would like to know more or if Carbon Africa can be of service to help access climate finance.


Monitoring, reporting & verification

Measuring and reporting on the climate and non-climate impacts of your investments and lending is becoming common practice and is often a condition of financing or approval for a project or programme. Carbon Africa has good experience with implementing monitoring systems in Africa and can help clients realize cost-effective, efficient and timely monitoring exercises, facilitate any independent auditing of such and provide reporting for key stakeholders.


Enabling environment

Carbon Africa can screen policies and regulations, provide updates on recent developments in specific sectors, advise clients on gaps or key risks and propose solutions to address these to help facilitate climate-friendly activities, building on our awareness of the latest state of play in different countries.






Capacity building and readiness

We can provide dedicated and tailored training services for you and your staff to build your in-house capacity to access climate finance, monitor and report on your investments and assess and reduce your environmental footprint.

Due diligence

Carbon Africa understands lender and investor requirements and has detailed knowledge of a variety of project types ranging from solar PV, wind, biogas, small hydro and geothermal to off-grid lighting, mini-grids, improved cookstoves, railway transport, waste management and forestry at various stages of development from conceptualization to construction and operations. The company is therefore well placed to assist financiers in conducting due diligence on potential projects.

Pipeline development

With a lot of money chasing a relatively small number of viable clean technology projects in Africa and transaction teams stretched to their limits you may be looking for additional support. Carbon Africa can come in to a lesser or greater extent to help with project identification and increase the deal flow of bankable projects.

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