Carbon Africa assists clients in achieving climate action through supporting the establishment of an enabling policy environment while at the same time delivering implementation on the ground through climate finance, development and monitoring services and helping to ensure readiness and capacity in Africa.

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Carbon Africa’s climate change and green growth clean technology services run the full gamut from policy and strategy advisory to national actions, programmes and project support


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Our suite of services is tailor-made for a range of clientele from governments, international organizations and donors to blue-chip multinationals, financiers, investors and entrepreneurs.


From its base in Africa and experience with a range of project types, approaches, assignments and stakeholders, working with Carbon Africa offers a number of advantages:

  1. Tailored and integrated solutions. We come in to assist to whatever extent required, be it a specific task or a complex, multiyear assignment. Carbon Africa can add value from the initial conception or design stage of the project through to implementation and monitoring.
  2. High quality services. Our analysis, documentation and development and advisory support is always of the highest standard, dedicated to the needs of the client and delivered on time. We are also flexible, understanding the evolving needs of clients and projects.
  3. Making projects happen. Carbon Africa has in-depth knowledge of local markets and regulatory environments and at the same time is involved in global policy developments. This coupled with our technical and financial expertise helps ensure project viability, sustainability and greenhouse gas emission reductions. With close proximity to projects and governments, we are well-positioned to deliver on the ground.
  4. Strong networks. We have a good relations with a variety of local, regional and international partners including carbon credit buyers, financial institutions, private investors, donors, specialized technical firms, suppliers and others. These networks can be leveraged in the best interests of the client to ensure the optimal structuring and success of the project.
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